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Des Moines Paranormal is a nonprofit organization and team of paranormal investigators. Our mission is to aid individuals in understanding the mystical world around them.

Our team is dedicated to helping individuals with experiences that are out of the normal realm through paranormal investigation or ghost hunting, spiritual readings, and much more. We have been investigated many haunted locations, both commercial and residential, over many years. We believe that many people may be experiencing things that are paranormal and they are either afraid to say something or may not know where to turn to get help.

Reach out to us, and we will help. Come see us at any of our live events, email or call us, and we will assist you. We strongly believe that everyone deserves a safe place to live. Let us be the light in the darkness for you.

We offer metaphysical supplies and at our spiritual store, In Spyrit Metaphysical located in Ames, Iowa.
We hand-select the best healing crystals, healing stones, herbs, spiritual supplies, woods, palo santo, sage, spiritual mini kits, and more. Contact us for custom-made kits!
We also create local and homemade bath salts and scrubs because we believe in treating the body with the safest and best ingredients.
Browse our beautiful metaphysical gifts including crystal pendulums, cast iron cauldrons, crystal pendants and necklaces, metaphysical jewelry, and much more.

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The section contains information on crsytals, herbs, recommended book and information on the equipment that we use.

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