Spirit Sorenson Larson – Story City, IA

Case manager, Field Investigator, Researcher, Equipment Tech and Evidence Review Tech

I am a Field Investigator and the Case Manager for Des Moines Paranormal. I am an empath and have been since birth, and I am also considered an Earth Angel. I have noticed that other sensitives get a strong feeling when they are around me. I have always had an in interest in anything paranormal, from movies to books. I have always experienced things happening in my life. Click the link below to read about those stories. My husband and I have 6 wonderful children, and I know that 3 of them have abilities as well.

I want to help other that are going through the darkness to see that there is hope. There are those out there that willingly stand against the darkness to bring the light into their lives. This world is chaotic and we are willing to stand amidst that chaos to bring back the peace we all deserve.

Click here to read my story.