About Us

Des Moines Paranormal was brought into the light in late 2017.
We have gone through many changes over the years since we first began our mission. With new technology, equipment, and team members, we have grown as a paranormal team. Our primary goal is to aid individuals in understanding the mystical world around them and the experiences they are having. Not everything in the paranormal feild is evil or making an attack, and we want to help people understand that. If there is something that needs to be removed from a residence or building, we can do that . In our experiences, spirits that need help may reach out in ways that can make you feel like you are under attack or going crazy.
Our paranormal investigation team is a unique combination of individuals with gifts and we use our gifts to help those in need. Our mission is to help you with your experiences and teach you how to deal with them. We do not charge for our services but will accept donations if you feel that it is warrented. We use the darkness for the light, so let us be the light in the darkness for you.
In early 2019 Des Moines Paranormal began forming a metaphysical store called In Spyrit Metaphysical.
This store is currently an online-only spiritual store where the metaphysical supplies and procducts can be seen and ordered online. We are currently working to incorporate the store onto the Des Moines Paranormal site. Please be paitient as we build the site for the online store.
You can purchase healing stones and crystal, herbs, herbal mixtures that you can burn, handmade bath salts, and many more items. All the mixtures and bath salts are hand crafted.