Medicinal Plants and Healing Herbs Information
Herbs have been used since prehistoric times for medicinal use and are the richest bioresource of drugs in modern-day medicine. But why use chemically created drugs when you can go right to the source that was created naturally by the Earth itself?
Herbal Plants and Their Uses:
  • Naturopathic medicine / holistic medicine
  • Aromatherapy
  • Eastern herbal medicine
  • Wiccan spells or Wiccan rituals
  • Herbal cleansing
  • Extraction of essential oils
  • Herbal tea or consumption
  • Burning or inhalation of herbs
  • Spiritual enhancement
  • Raise vibrational energy
How to Use Healing Herbs
Herbs can be sprinkled around, burned, used in a satchet, carried around, or worn. 
How Does Herbal Medicine Work?
Herbal medicine is a natural way to treat issues using the creations of the Earth. Just like fruits and vegetables contain different vitamins and properties, each herb contains different healing properties that can be used alone or combined with other herbs. Many have been scientifically proven to be better and safer than modern-day drugs.
Where Can I Purchase Healing Herbs?
In Spyrit Metaphysical carries a variety of medicinal plants and herbs as well as herbal kits.