Jasper is associated with the planet Mars and the element of fire.
Jasper is valued for its strong healing and grounding powers, and many actors and actresses carry it around as a lucky charm. The Jasper stone stimulates the imagination, provides courage, and clears pollution. By absorbing negative energy, it is useful for both healing and protection.
Though Jasper can be found around the world, most of them are found in India and Austraila. It has been worn priests, kings, and shamans since ancient civilizations. 
There are many different types of Jasper:
  • Yellow Jasper – Promotes confidence and aids with communication.
  • Red Jasper – Known as the warrior stone and encourages strength and loyalty.
  • Brown Jasper – Similar properties to red Jasper.
  • Ocean Jasper – A rare form of the stone and is associated with emotions.
  • Dalmatian Jasper – Grounding with the Earth and helping one see their strengths.
  • Picasso Jasper – Attracts like-minded people and renews old relationships.
Physically, Jasper is known to restore deteriorating tissues, organs, and aid with aches and pains. Jasper works by using a slow, grounding type of energy flow which is associated with good blood flow, calmness, and brings people to the present. The blood flow also aids with digestion, sexual health, and fertility.
Spiritually, Jasper balances yin and yang energies which brings peace and ease into your life. By carrying the energies of determination and motivation, Jasper helps you think clearly and make better decsions. This stone is so versatile, though, that you may find uses for it that are not listed here. 
Popular Uses for Wearing or Carrying Jasper:
  • Diet stone and fasting
  • Quitting smoking
  • Increase fertility
  • Calming down anxiety
  • Sustaining physical and emotional injuries
  • Treating digestive organs
  • Balancing mineral content in the body
  • Soothing epilepsy
  • Assisting with meditation