Spirit Sorenson Larson

There are several reason I got into this field. Here are two of those reasons:

The first time I realized there was something more out there, I was about 5 years old. I don’t remember a lot from that time but I want to tell you what I do remember. I was asleep and woke to a deep and raspy voice saying, “Spyrit, wake up.” I opened my eyes to see someone standing at my bed. I was not afraid because there was something comforting about the man. He wore a plaid shirt, and he had broad shoulders with a military style haircut. I asked who he was, and he answered, “I am your grandpa Virg.” We talked for a while though now I don’t remember what the whole conversation was about. I remember that he called me his little Spaghetti O.

The next morning I talked to my mother and told her that I talked to my grandpa Virg last night. That’s when I found out that he died less than two months before I was born from asthma and emphysema. Mom pulled out a few pictures and asked me to point to the man I talked with, and I pointed to him in every picture. There were some that had several people in the picture, but I knew the man I spoke with. I had never seen a picture of him before and was never told much about him because it was hard for my grandma to talk about him.

The second story I want to share is a more recent incident. In late 2016 I started feeling strange. I had moved into my apartment with my boyfriend (now husband) at the time. I had not been feeling like myself; depression, anxiety, insomnia, oppression, and lack of appetite to name a few. I was vacuuming one day and from behind me I heard a growl, then smelled sulfur. (Usually that means something can be demonic.) My husband found an essential oil blend for a spiritual cleansing mist. Once he sprayed it I had an immediate reaction. I said I felt really strange like something inside me was tingling, and I was moving around a lot. I don’t remember the next part so this is from what my husband told me. I began laughing a weird laugh that was not my own. I couldn’t stand the smell of sage, sandalwood, cedar, lemongrass, or anything else like it. Anytime I was around it my eyes would roll back in my head, I would start shaking and growling.

My mother got a hold of Matt Bennett of D.P.A.R.T., and he immediately took on the case and brought in some people that could help. During the process we found out that something that had been blood bound to a sword and rings had been brought into the apartment. This entity was attaching itself to me. The attachments had been built over a period of 4 years. After the removal of 6 attachments, the sword and the rings were bound, and they are now incased in a protective box inside of a vault for items like them.

After that we later joined D.P.A.R.T. to help people who are going through similar things. I want people to know that they are not alone and there are those out there that can help. I want to use my experience to help others and that is exactly what I am going to do.

Please reach out to us there is hope, there is light and we can light up the darkness and bring back peace.