Healing Crystals and Stones Information
Stones and crystals have been used for metaphysical purposes for thousands of years and in ancient civilizations. 
They are used in present-day as a means of spiritual healing in:
  • Metaphysical healing
  • Naturopathic medicine / holistic medicine
  • Reiki healing
  • Spiritual protection
  • Chakra blockages and opening chakras
  • Meditation aid
  • Therapy
  • Stone massage
  • Crystal grids
  • Wiccan spells
  • And much more!
How do Healing Stones Contain Energy?
Everything is made up of vibrational energy. Healing crystals are formed deep within the Earth and shaped by the Earth's movement. Gemstones contain the Earth's natural energetic properties and are created by natural energy flows.
How to Choose a Healing Gem
Let your intuition guide you. Hold the gemstone in your hands and see how it makes you feel.
How to Cleanse My Crystals
There are a few different ways to cleanse your healing stones so that they can harness the full potential of their energy.
  • Salt: Place your stones in a bowl of fresh salt and let them sit overnight.
  • Water: Natural-sourced flowing water works best. Let the water run over your healing crystals. Some stones such as Selenite cannot be cleansed with water (so do not use this method).
  • Sun energy: Let the energy of the sun cleanse your stones. Place your gems outside or in direct sunlight for a few hours.
  • Moon energy: Just like the energy of the sun, the energy of the moon can cleanse your stones too.
  • Sage: Burn sage over your healing stones to cleanse them safely.